About us....

Hi there!,

Thanks for taking a look at PerfectPedigree! So whats it all about?

I started breeding pedigree pigs just over 3 years ago. I have a small heard of Berkshire from which I produce meat and pedigree weaners. In the beginning it all seemed quite daunting and I quickly found out that there was quite a bit of administration work needed to keep a productive and 'legal' heard. BPA registration, medication log, breeding history, weight history, breeding cycles the list goes on!. The spreadsheets and log books started to pile up and it seemed to becoming a bit unmanageable. So combining my love of pigs and software development I started on this project, PerfectPedigree. In a nutshell PerfectPedigree is an online pig record keeping and management application aimed at small to medium sized pig breeders and keepers.

PerfectPedigree is currently in Beta. Please feel free to sign up and become one of our beta testers. The first 25 accounts created during the testing period will receive a free, 6 month account with full access to all features. As a tester you will be contributing to the development of the project and helping us create a system that is tailored to the needs of the rare breed pig keeper.

Mark Little - PerfectPedigree Developer