Medical book

By using the 'medical book' you can track the use of medicines and schedule future administrations. With withdrawl period monitoring, PerfectPedigree will flag any pigs that are currently within a withdrawl period

Feed monitoring

Create feeding regimes and track food consumption.

Inventory management

PerfertPedigree provides simple stock management for feed and medicines. You can set low stock levels for feed and be notified of when stocks hit that level. The system will also calculate how many days of feed you have left using your feeding regime data

Pig Data

Store all the data you need for each pig. Names, date of birth, breed, ID's, parentage and much more.

Sow cycle monitoring

Track when your sows will be on heat for easy monitoring of potential serving dates


Record serve dates and PerfectPedigree will estimate the farrowing date. Create litters and record parentage


Record individual pig movements between CPH's. PerfectPedigree helps you to stay within the law when keeping movement records.

Slaughter record

Keep records of pigs going to slaughter and their dead weights.